Momma B

My real name is Beth, a twenty-something Momma from England. My boys are my entire world, and this blog is a place to collect memories and millions of photographs.

5 facts about me, to break the ice.
1. I work part-time as a teaching assistant, and want to be a teacher "when I grow up".
2. I make lists like it's my job, and manage to be incredibly organised and incredibly disorganised at the same time.
3. I have a super sweet tooth, but I'm trying to cut back on sugar.
4. I am a little Pinterest obsessed. I could browse for recipes, outfits and weddings for hours (& sometimes do!)
5. I take pride in how I look. I always take time to put make-up on, I like to plan my outfits & I like to coordinate. Even down to my shoes & socks.

The inspiration for the pseudonym Momma B is an incredible lady called Bonnie, who I will always adore and look up to. We just happen to share the first initial, so I kind of stole her nickname.