Joshua Reg

Joshua Reg was born on Tuesday, 17th June 2012, and my heart expanded to lengths I didn't know were possible. My baby, he makes me smile, constantly, everyday. I am so blessed. He was named after our Grandfathers, who were both Reginald, but we shortened it to make his name less of a mouthful.

5 facts about Joshua Reg.
1. He is a cheeky little daredevil, always getting into trouble and climbing EVERYTHING.
2. He looks more like his Mama, but has dimples like Daddy.
3. He adores his brother and will follow him around, copying him, all day.
4. He loves food, more or less anything, and prefers to feed himself. Favourites are pasta, blueberries and cheese.
5. He is a starer. He will just sit and stare at people, and it's pretty awkward but he's cute so he can get away with it. He's quite the ladies man, and will cock his head to one side and smile if anyone talks to him.

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