Daniel Kyle

Daniel Kyle was born on Monday, 12th April 2010, at 7.22am. My world changed forever the minute I saw him. This kiddo made me a Mother, and I can't express how happy he makes me. He's named after a good friend of ours, an amazing guy, who passed away while I was pregnant. Kyle, dude, I hope you're as proud of him as we are.

5 facts about Daniel Kyle.
1. He has a sweet tooth like his Mama, and luckily for me that extends to fruit too. He's a little picky but is overall a great eater. His favourite foods are pasta, grapes & jam sandwiches.
2. His favourite toys are cars and diggers, hands down.
3. He is the spitting image of his Daddy when he was little, it's terrifying. Even now, people always comment on how alike they look.
4. He doesn't like to get very messy, and will often avoid it if he can.
5. He can be very shy, especially with new people or busy places. He'll soon warm up though, and is the friendliest, chattiest, happiest kiddo.