Birth Story #2


Joshua Reg was due on Tuesday 12th April 2012 and everyone, including myself, thought he was going to make an early appearance - my Mum even took the 2 weeks around his due date off! But 3 days later & still no baby. I was keeping the world updated via Facebook, and getting frustrated with every text or call I got asking questions.


Friday afternoon I was at my parents' and my stomach started to feel weird, so my Mum walked with me home. I'm not sure when exactly, as I wasn't sure it was for real, but I started getting contractions that evening. I had a warm bath and went to bed early, thinking maybe tonight was the night! I tried timing them through the night but kept falling back asleep too quickly! I called the hospital the next morning and they said to listen to my body and come in when I felt something change, or my waters broke - my contractions were still quite far apart and quite sporadic so I agreed and went about my day. My parents came over, my Mum was my second birthing partner and Dad was designated Daniel sitter so they wanted to be close by. Saturday evening nothing much had changed, so they went home once we had put Daniel to bed, expecting a phone call in the middle of the night.


Colin's Mum called us early Sunday morning and freaked me out because I'd been contracting for so long and she was worried. I called the hospital again and the midwife said she didn't think I was really in labour because the contractions weren't regular still, and to call again when my waters broke. My waters didn't break with Daniel until I started to push, so I was a little concerned but there wasn't much I could do. I decided I wanted to keep busy so my parents came over again and we took Daniel to the park, then home for a nap, then to my Nan's, then back to theirs for dinner. I'm not sure when but things started to feel different that afternoon, more painful and more like something was happening, so when we got to my Mum's I decided to have a bath. During that amazing bath my contractions became 4 minutes apart and I decided it was probably time to head to the hospital, so we took Daniel home and put him to bed, called the hospital again who invited me in, and set off. I wasn't even convinced that this was it, but I felt I needed to go to put my mind at ease.


Once we arrived, at around 8pm, the midwife checked my blood pressure, baby's heart rate etc and I asked her to examine me. She saw me have a contraction and decided that I was too relaxed to be in established labour and was reluctant to examine me because she would just have to do it again sooner. After saying that I'd rather go home than wait around if nothing was happening she agreed to, but disappeared and got caught up with another woman. My contractions got worse while we waited but I tried to breathe through them and think 'He'll be worth it' because I thought if this was only the start if was just going to get worse! We even did a crossword in between!


She came back just before 10 and said she would hand me over to the night staff, who arrived at 10 and did examine me - I was 7cm dilated!! I was so proud of myself for making it that far without pain relief, but begged for some gas and air! The midwife, Frances, said that as soon as my waters broke I'd be having this baby, so I decided I needed to go to the toilet before everything started. Unfortunately, as soon as I got to the bathroom I realised I actually needed to push and started to freak out! My Mum was laughing at me because I was talking to myself trying to calm down, and I made it back across the hall to my room. Colin decided then HE needed the toilet, but I started to push again (I didn't have any control over it, my body pretty much did it my itself) and his head was crowning! Colin was on the phone to his Mum (!!) but made it just in time to see our baby come into the world, on my second push, at 10:16pm on Sunday 17th June.

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Joshua Reg was placed straight onto my chest and after delivering the placenta the midwife left us alone with our baby. I was so shocked at how fast everything had happened, and Colin was freaked because he nearly missed the birth! But we were overjoyed with our little bundle, who has quite a bit of dark hair - unlike his older brother! Joshua nuzzled into me and fed more or less straight away, and we took the obligatory hospital pictures.


After a while, the midwife came back to weigh him - 6lb 15oz, again unlike his brother who was 8lb 8oz! She asked what I'd like to do next and I asked to go home as soon as I could, so unbelievably she said okay, all we needed to do was have a bath, go to the toilet and feed Joshua! By 1:30am we were home again, exhausted but incredibly happy!



  1. such a beautiful read. thank you.

    rachel xo

    ps a 6 pounder after an 8 pounder! you give me hope. elliot was 9 and half and my greatest fear for this coming birth is that this baby will be even bigger!

  2. Reading through your birth stories is lovely! What beautiful son's you have. I have a daughter who weighed in at 6lb 14oz! And every one is telling me my next child will be a big baby as I had a small baby first time round! Nice to read that isn't always the case!xxxx

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