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I know I am not alone when I admit that I can spend hours browsing Pinterest for ideas, for everything from home decor and outfit ideas to delicious dinners and hairstyles. I thought I'd start sharing some of my boards here too.
When I decided to go back to university in 2014, we made our spare room into an office so I would have somewhere to work. By which I mean we made a desk out two drawers and I moved my collection of stationery in. Since then I've been rearranging and decorating, trying to make it into a functional workspace. It's only a tiny room but it is functional, as all I really need is a laptop and printer, plus a door for blocking out loud noises (read: my children and the TV) I would like it to be a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere with lots of natural light. I only have a tiny window so I'm keeping to whites and pastel colours to make the most of it. The room currently houses an IKEA Kallax shelving unit for storage, covered with keepsakes from our wedding and filled with folders, and I recently reorganised the drawers so there is less clutter on the desk. I've taped photographs to the wall but I would love some shelves and a pin-board to organise. I'm also lusting after a cute chair, I chose a bright pink desk chair from IKEA when I first moved in but it doesn't quite match the look I'm going for now. The plastic ones I like the look of don't look spectacularly comfortable but I'm hoping I'm wrong! Kate La Vie is a constant source of inspiration for home decor (and life, let's be honest), her apartments are always gorgeous and so quite a few pictures have come from her Instagram

Do you have a workspace at home? Do you blog from the sofa? I'd love you to share your workspaces with me, tag me on IG or Twitter (@bees_circus on both, links in the sidebar!), or post a photo in the comments. I look forward to seeing them!


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  1. oh,the room looks very dirty!!!!