30DBC Introduction.

To kick start my blogging I've decided to go old school with a 30-day blogging challenge, inspired by The Mum From Brum (and many others before her, no doubt) To save my poor little fingers typing that out everytime, I'll refer to it as the shorthand 30DBC. The full list of  prompts can be found on her blog, here. The first prompt is VERY MySpace (seriously though, shout out to all the last MySpace users among us, those were the days!): A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself. I cannot promise the latter but I will give it my best shot.

1. I am a trainee teacher, two years into a four year work-based course. I spend my days as a teaching assistant, my afternoons as a Mama and my evenings as a student. The best part is the discount, by far. 

2. I have two very small tattoos, but if I had the guts I would be covered. I'm planning on getting some roses on my upper thigh for my birthday, but I keep chickening out. 

3. I always have my nails painted. Breaking them is a bad habit, so I keep them covered.

4. I love Disney films, but rarely watch any others. If Colin puts a film on I half pay attention but I don't usually choose to watch them, possibly because they are too long. 

5. I have a fast metabolism which is great for my junk-food addiction. I try to eat healthily like 80% of the time but sweets and chocolate are my weakness. 

6. When I was pregnant with Daniel I couldn't stand the smell of food cooking for the first few months, or coffee throughout. With Joshua the only thing that STOPPED me feeling nauseous was those horrible ginger biscuits! 

7. I am a vegetarian. My boys are not. I'll happily cook the meat, I just don't want to eat it. 

8. I am really awkward in social situations I'm not comfortable with. I freak out and over think what to say so quite often I don't say anything. I guess it's an anxiety things but (ironically) I try not to give it too much thought. 

9. I would be quite happy on a desert island with my family, good food and music. I could never move away from my parents though. 

10. Lists are my jam. To do lists, shopping lists, meal planning lists, any kind of list and I'm all over it. I have notebooks scattered all over the house. 

11. My favourite colours are probably black and white. I like pink too but usually choose to remain neutral, I think it's timeless. 

12. I love the smells of mint and vanilla. Coincidentally, they are my favourite coffee  flavours too. 

13. Daniel Kyle would have been called Chloe if he was a girl. Joshua was nearly called Aiden but we asked Daniel to choose and he liked Joshua - though he called him Jo-Jo and the nickname has stuck.

14. I love the idea of simplified living but am finding it hard to make the changes. Sitting around these last few weeks has got my thinking about purging like crazy. I change my mind too often and often undo anything I have managed on a whim. 

15. I prefer online shopping but hate paying for delivery. It's so much easier to order from the comfort of my sofa and try things on in my own home than to go all the way to the shop, especially when the boys are involved. I stopped grocery shopping in stores when Daniel was tiny and have never looked back. It's so much easier to plan and budget! 

Well, that took longer (and more googling for inspiration) than I thought! Hope you enjoyed finding out some random facts, thanks for reading! Share a fact about yourself in the comments if you made it this far! 


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