30DBC Bad habits.

A habit you wish you didn’t have... I am currently obsessed with checking my Facebook app. I can't even explain why, the only realistic reason for still having Facebook at all is to keep in touch with old friends and be nosy about their lives. I do not, however, need to do this at every available opportunity. I do it almost subconsciously, whenever I pick up my phone I scroll across to that silly little blue square, despite the fact it is hidden in a folder to try and avoid this in the first place. Most of my best friends barely use Facebook, so I really cannot explain the constant need to see what is going on in practical strangers lives. Actually, I'm going to delete it. I was keeping it with the excuse that I'd forgotten my password so couldn't log in on my laptop but I'm having to re-set it anyway to upload some photos. Done, deleted. Maybe this 30-day-blogging challenge is going to be a really great thing...

Find the full details and prompts for this 30DBC here.


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