30DBC Superheroes.


Day 5: Your favourite superhero and why.

I decided to consult my in-house Superhero experts for this one, so I asked Daniel (6) and Joshua (4) for their favourites instead.

Daniel: Errr... Aquaman and Reptil because I like swimming and Aquaman can swim quite fast. I like Reptil because I like dinosaurs because some dinosaurs are meat eaters and others aren't.

Joshua: Ant-Man and Batman because I like Batman's weapons and I like Robin and the vehicles Batman's got. I like Ant-Man because he can turn small and big.

Obviously Joshua copied his brother first of all, but after a quick browse of the Avengers Ultimate Character Guide he changed his mind. The boys are pretty convinced my favourite is Black Widow, who is pretty spectacular, because I dressed up as her last Halloween. Personally, I like Thor because have you SEEN Thor? :)



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