30DBC: Nicknames.


My full name is Bethany Louise Sawford. My maiden name is Vernon. My friends at school called me Bfne (like shorthand!). My friends since school call me Beth. My blog nickname is Bee. My parents often call me B. I guess I don't have any proper nicknames, I need a name for my softball shirt but haven't got one yet!

Daniel's full name is Daniel Kyle Sawford. I'm not a fan of Dan, personally, so I think I'll always call him Daniel. My brother calls him Dan the Man, which I tolerate. Both boys answer to bunny, or baby, from me.

Joshua's full name is Joshua Reg Sawford. I must just prefer full names because I'm not a fan of Josh either, but I realise it's inevitable. When he was born Daniel couldn't say Joshua, so called him Jo-Jo instead, which has stuck. I also refer to him as J-bird occasionally.

Apparently we're not big fans of nicknames here!


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