Pinterest: Workspace.

I know I am not alone when I admit that I can spend hours browsing Pinterest for ideas, for everything from home decor and outfit ideas to delicious dinners and hairstyles. I thought I'd start sharing some of my boards here too.
When I decided to go back to university in 2014, we made our spare room into an office so I would have somewhere to work. By which I mean we made a desk out two drawers and I moved my collection of stationery in. Since then I've been rearranging and decorating, trying to make it into a functional workspace. It's only a tiny room but it is functional, as all I really need is a laptop and printer, plus a door for blocking out loud noises (read: my children and the TV) I would like it to be a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere with lots of natural light. I only have a tiny window so I'm keeping to whites and pastel colours to make the most of it. The room currently houses an IKEA Kallax shelving unit for storage, covered with keepsakes from our wedding and filled with folders, and I recently reorganised the drawers so there is less clutter on the desk. I've taped photographs to the wall but I would love some shelves and a pin-board to organise. I'm also lusting after a cute chair, I chose a bright pink desk chair from IKEA when I first moved in but it doesn't quite match the look I'm going for now. The plastic ones I like the look of don't look spectacularly comfortable but I'm hoping I'm wrong! Kate La Vie is a constant source of inspiration for home decor (and life, let's be honest), her apartments are always gorgeous and so quite a few pictures have come from her Instagram

Do you have a workspace at home? Do you blog from the sofa? I'd love you to share your workspaces with me, tag me on IG or Twitter (@bees_circus on both, links in the sidebar!), or post a photo in the comments. I look forward to seeing them!


30DBC Cravings.

Funfetti "Gingerbread" House | studiodiy.com

I have a real sweet tooth. Particularly in the evenings, I often crave something sweet. Recently I've been more into candy than chocolate, but I wouldn't turn down either!

What are your cravings?



30DBC: Nicknames.


My full name is Bethany Louise Sawford. My maiden name is Vernon. My friends at school called me Bfne (like shorthand!). My friends since school call me Beth. My blog nickname is Bee. My parents often call me B. I guess I don't have any proper nicknames, I need a name for my softball shirt but haven't got one yet!

Daniel's full name is Daniel Kyle Sawford. I'm not a fan of Dan, personally, so I think I'll always call him Daniel. My brother calls him Dan the Man, which I tolerate. Both boys answer to bunny, or baby, from me.

Joshua's full name is Joshua Reg Sawford. I must just prefer full names because I'm not a fan of Josh either, but I realise it's inevitable. When he was born Daniel couldn't say Joshua, so called him Jo-Jo instead, which has stuck. I also refer to him as J-bird occasionally.

Apparently we're not big fans of nicknames here!



30DBC Meal Planning Monday.

The prompt today is plans/dreams/goals, so I decided to go simple and share our meal plan for the week - my bullet journal has got me organised!


Things have been another world of crazy round here with my bad leg and the summer holidays, my poor Mama has been cooking for us nearly every evening, which I am definitely not complaining about! With my leg being better I thought I would try to experiment a little with dinners this week, I tried to chose dishes that I could prep before hand and throw into the oven, giving me a chance to rest if I need to, plus one-pot meals are the bomb dot com. I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, I'm vegetarian but the boys aren't so I am often cooking two meals, I try to make them similar with the help of Quorn to avoid too much effort on my part.

Tuesday: Coleman's cajun chicken and rice.
Wednesday: Tomato and mascarpone pasta bake.
Thursday: Veggie paella/One-pot pork and pea paella
Friday: Fish and chips/One-pot harissa-spiced aubergine and eggs
Saturday: Bacon-wrapped Roast Chicken with vegetables and potatoes/roasted sweet potatoes.
Sunday: Sausage and root veg bake with honey orange dressing.
Monday: Spaghetti and meatballs.

I'm linking up with Emma at They Grow So Quick and Laura the Organizing Junkie for Meal Planning Monday, looking forward to finding some family-friendly dinner ideas!



30DBC & #littleloves

The prompt for today's 30 day blog challenge is something you're proud of in the last few days, so O thought it was a perfect opportunity to include a weekly 'wrap-up' post and link up with Morgana for Little Loves.

I am currently reading When We Collided by Emery Lord and Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas. Both are really good, I've set myself a target of reading 100 pages a day this month and with these two it's pretty easy. I read Landline by Rainbow Rowell last weekend too, hopefully I'll have a little review of that in my July Reads post later this week.

I've finished Season 8 of Criminal Minds, and started season 2 of Gilmore Girls. The TV has had a well needed break this week, except for the odd film courtesy of Sky Movies (which we recently added to our Virgin TV package). Colin and I watched Taken 3 and San Andreas (starring the Rock) this week, both were pretty gripping and action packed. We managed to get out and watch our softball game this week, I've missed being part of the action and the boys have been begging to come for months! I feel next week will feature more sport, with the Olympics starting - we're currently watching the replay of the opening ceremony!

This week, inspired by a few lovely bloggers and Pinterest (of course) I decided to start a bullet journal. I'm hoping to write a post at the end of the month to detail my experience, but so far I'm really enjoying it. You can't beat pen and paper. At the moment it's quite sparse, I am moving a lot more but am very wary of over-doing it - I can just about do the washing and he dishwasher! We also reorganised the Lego and the junk drawer, so we are making progress! The boys made a start on their Summer Holiday Scrapbooks from Stationery Geek, which is beyond cute!
Shorts galore, luckily the weather has been good! I wore the black playsuit and dress from this post earlier in the week, both times I actually made it out of the house! I bought the boys some cute holiday bits from H&M too, including these cute lion t-shirts that they insisted upon putting on straight away! We're going out to celebrate our wedding anniversary tonight, so I'll be putting my glad rags on.

We've had Heart radio on a lot this week, I love the eclectic mix of music they play!

and lastly
The thing I'm proud of. I have been so proud of my boys this week, they have had their arguments but overall they have played so well together and looked after me like super stars! I have also started walking again!! I woke up the other morning with the worst pain in my back, so it was actually less painful to put weight on my leg than it was to use the crutches! Since then I've improved a lot, I can walk without the crutches now but often have one with me just in case. I over did it the other morning and yesterday it hurt a lot more than it had been so I'm going to take it easy again today. Fingers crossed for the rest of the week!



30DBC Superheroes.


Day 5: Your favourite superhero and why.

I decided to consult my in-house Superhero experts for this one, so I asked Daniel (6) and Joshua (4) for their favourites instead.

Daniel: Errr... Aquaman and Reptil because I like swimming and Aquaman can swim quite fast. I like Reptil because I like dinosaurs because some dinosaurs are meat eaters and others aren't.

Joshua: Ant-Man and Batman because I like Batman's weapons and I like Robin and the vehicles Batman's got. I like Ant-Man because he can turn small and big.

Obviously Joshua copied his brother first of all, but after a quick browse of the Avengers Ultimate Character Guide he changed his mind. The boys are pretty convinced my favourite is Black Widow, who is pretty spectacular, because I dressed up as her last Halloween. Personally, I like Thor because have you SEEN Thor? :)


Five under £5 July.


Five under £5 is a cute little linky hosted by the lovely Julia at Rainbeaubelle to showcase our favourite bargain products this month. Everyone loves a bargain, so I've admired these posts from afar for a few months before finally getting organised enough to do my own!

1. Sunglasses. I've had my eye on a pair of cat eye sunglasses for a while but my collection is someone insane so I've put it off. I usually only buy my sunglasses from Primark, where you can't go wrong for £1/2 particularly when there are small children concerned, but recently I've been branching out a little. Basically going shopping with the littles is one of my least favourite things to do, so unless Primarni starts a delivery service I'll be forced to look elsewhere. I found this pair while browsing the New Look sale, available here for £4.49.

2. Tweezers. While browsing the New Look website I happened upon these tweezers at the bargain price of £1.99. I have been neglecting my poor eyebrows recently so this was a good excuse to buy a new pair.

3. Eyebrow pencil.  Another find from New Look (I didn't do this on purpose, I promise!) this eyebrow pencil was also £1.99, comes in light and dark brown. I have been using a shadow for my eyebrows but I think it looks a bit dark, particularly in the summer, so I've been looking for an alternative. This pencil is soft and creamy, it applies easily and defines my brows without being too dark. I believe it is a twist up pencil too, which is always a winner for me!

4. Mojito. Cans of mojito for only £1 each at Tesco! Honestly, I haven't even tried this yet but I am yet to meet a mojito I don't like. I stocked up a few for me and Mama on hot summer evenings.

5. Hairbands. I included these in my H&M Sale Picks post, I believe they are supposed to be anti-snag hairbands which is brilliant for me because my hair does not need another excuse to fall out. I'm surprised I'm not bald already! These are great for a quick ponytail or top knot, and only £1.99 for 5!

Julia hosts a linky on her blog, and an Instagram hashtag #fiveunder5, come and join in!



30DBC Rome.

Day 4: A picture of somewhere you've been. The perfect opportunity to upload the photographs from our trip to Rome in May, which have just been sitting on my camera since then. I shared a few photos from our phones and a little more detail about our trip here.


I'll put the rest in a separate post, I didn't quite realise how many there were!


30DBC Rome pt2.