Daniel's Birthday Interview.


What's your name? Er, Daniel.
How old are you? Six!
What makes you happy? When somebody makes me laugh.
What's your favourite animal? A dragon, a meerkat, a cheetah, a snake and a gorilla. I have a lot of favourite animals. And I like dinosaurs too! 
What's your favourite food? Fish fingers and chips! 
What's your favourite toy?  The Toothless's
What's your favourite thing to watch on TV? Films. How To Train A Dragon films.
What's your favourite book? How to Train a Dragon. 
What's your favourite thing to do outside? Sit down in the sun and play with dragons.
Who is your best friend? Miles and Aiden. 
What do you like to do with Daddy? Play Lego Marvel.
What do you like to do with Mummy? Help you cook.


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