This season of motherhood.


Daniel Kyle, age five years and ten months.

  • Dragon and superhero obsessed, he has imaginary dragons that get up to all sorts of mischief!
  • Has an incredible memory and is constantly spouting off facts he has learnt from school. 
  • Is so incredibly sweet and helpful, yesterday he tided up the whole living room and stacked the dishwasher without being asked. 
  • Has taken a sudden interest in Christianity, and decided we should give up cake for lent, after brainstorming "unhealthy" things all evening. 
  • Super logical and independent, he can spend hours building things with Lego. Following detailed instructions is his jam.

Joshua Reg, age three years and eight months.

  • Constantly over-accessorized, often with that Sully hat and matching gloves.
  • Has a fairly recent fascination with toilet words, which he obviously thinks are absolutely hilarious. 
  • Yesterday I told him he was three and a half now, and all afternoon he would start to tell someone, then look at me with his eyes squinted and ask "What was dat you sed?"
  • Loves helping me in the kitchen, chopping vegetables with his little knife and basketball-shooting them into the pan. 
  • Daydreams like his Mama, starting into space. His explanations are often completely ridiculous. 

It's these little things that I want to remember forever. I imagine myself, old and grey, sitting and reading through all these posts like a memory box.

This entire post is inspired by the beautiful Amanda from Homesong.


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