The Natural History Museum. Take Two.

Another trip to London to the Natural History Muesum, this time with the boys' Nana. Second time lucky, we got to see the dinosaur exhibition (though, Joshua spent the entire time clinging on me, terrified of the skeletons.) I think the trick is to go early, we just walked in but a couple of hours later the queue was enormous again!! My other top tips would be to take a picnic (the food options aren't very child friendly and the prices are pretty extreme) and any opportunity to sit down on a bench and eat (there were people sitting EVERYWHERE) Lastly, I took the sling for Joshua and I was so glad I did. He's three now and though he's small for his age we haven't used it for months, but the last couple of times we've been to London he's wanted carrying a lot - especially in the streets and as we had to walk to another tube station after finding out South Kensington was closed, I don't know what we would have done without it. He clung to me the whole time, grinning and telling me how much he loved his sling so he could hold me! The dinosaurs were really cool, and the giant whale was even more awesome without the scaffolding surrounding it. The boys' favourite part of the day, however, was getting their tacky toys in the gift shop. Kids will be kids! I took a lot of video so hopefully a vlog is in the near future, plus Daniel took a bunch of photos too which I think will be cute to share. 

I think we've exhausted the History Museum now, at least until the boys are a little older and can understand the information there, any other suggestions? We're about an hour from London, but don't mind an adventure! 


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