Dinosaur Sensory Tray.

Joshua's nursery have a letter of the week, and I have had grand plans all year to coordinate our 'home learning' so we're working on the same sounds. Last week was the second time I have actually been successful, (the first time we did the letter S and I wrote a super quick post about it here) we made a curly C caterpillar and I filled a roasting tray with dried corn, cows, cars, a cat and various letters (foam bath letters & magnetic letters). Considering it was my last week of my teaching placement and I was feeling under the weather (probably stress related) I was pretty proud of myself. This week is half term, so I thought we'd back-track to one of the letters we'd missed. Seeing Daniel on the floor surrounded by dinosaurs, I decided to try the letter D. A quick Pinterest search and rummage through the cupboards later, I filled our tray with blue stones and a couple of plastic plant cast offs from the fish tank, bird seed (the other options were sand or mud, the latter seemed like a disaster waiting to happen and it's absolutely freezing outside so bird seed seemed like a sensible alternative) and a few stones that we had from Daniel's latest collection. We have a whole assortment of dinosaurs, including Tober Wild World Dinosaurs Toy and we also ended up cutting up a green egg box as caves for the dinosaurs. The boys spent a good hour playing with it yesterday morning and I'm sure they'll revisit it throughout the week too. 


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