Mama's Favourites. October 2015.

Last week I shared Daniel's favourite books this month, this week it's my turn. I read a lot, mostly children's books as part of my PTE degree. I read James and the Giant Peach with the boys as their bedtime story, and they both loved the craziness of the talking bugs and cloud men! 

Wonder by R.J. Palacio.
An incredible, heart warming story told by August Pullman and the people who surround him. Starting a new school isn't easy, especially if you're Auggie. Following him through fifth grade is an awesome experience, and you grow to love him just like everyone else does. The fact it is written in an informal, chatty text gives more of an insight into his childlike mind, and the various storytellers gives the book an interesting complexity. Would definitely recommend for children and adults alike, particularly in a school environment for it's themes of disability and bullying

Phoenix by S.F. Said
Finished this in a matter of hours, I didn't want to put it down! I completely fell in love with the characters, the twists and turns & the mystery of Lucky and his Alien friends. I would never have picked this up if it wasn't a recommendation from a friend, as this isn't my usual genre of choice, but I will definitely consider more in the future!

The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan.
An incredible book, written entirely in verse, telling the raw story of a young girl called Kasienka. Her mother has brought her to England to search for her missing father, who simply left one day with no explanation. They trail the streets, sleep together in a one-bed flat and try to make it work. Kasienka also has to deal with the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, including some cruel bullying and her first boyfriend. The water theme is literal and metaphorical, as she finds solace in swimming but feels like she's drowning in the everyday. An incredible insight into teenage girls, and a great discussion point for similar issues.

The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone
I knew from the get-go I was going to enjoy this book. A mixture of magic, mystery and animals always gets a thumbs up from me, but Abi takes it even further with her characters and description, making this book an absolute joy to read, even through the scary bits. Moll knows something bad is happening, something she doesn't quite understand, in the next camp to hers. Her family are keeping secrets from her, and she's determined to find out what they are, even if it puts her in danger. I especially loved the way the gypsies are portrayed, their relationships were rich and it was clear they all adored Moll, I found their ways fascinating. I cannot wait to read the sequel, and may have even pre-ordered it already!

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer
Another adventure with Holly the fairy LEP officer and Artemis Fowl, the teenage criminal mastermind. As soon as I'd read the first instalment I wanted to read the next. This time, law and lawbreakers are working together but with no less attitude from either side. Artemis wants to rescue his kidnapped Father from Russia but need the People's help, luckily they need his help too, to track down a human smuggling weapons to their underground world. The adventure that transpires is nothing short of hilarious. I love the world Colfer has created in these books, the seriousness of the surreal really appeals to me, right down to the fine details and magical jokes.

The Imaginary by A.F. Harrold, illustrated by Emily Gravett
An interesting and slightly dark take on imaginary friends. Amanda Shuffleup is an unusual girl, quite a demanding friend to poor Rudger, who doesn't seem to mind. All is well until Mr Bunting comes knocking at their door. A nightmare from the world of imaginaries, but when something terrible happens to Amanda Rudger's problems get even worse. Separated from his best friend, his fate is unsure, as a true friend would he sets out on his dangerous adventure to find her. A good starting point for talking about friendships and relationships with older children.

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  1. These recommendations are looking so legit and honest. And these will perfectly fit my son who is an avid reader at such a young age. I will soon take him to the book store once I am done with giving online essay help UK-based. It is going to be so fun for him. I hope I find these books in the bookstores. Or is there any specific book store you happen to know that has all these books, you can let me know! Thanks a bunch, sweetie!