A spaceship out of a cardboard box and tin foil, for day one of #dinovember! 
 Toad in the hole, spaghetti carbonara, chicken fajitas & meatball pasta bake are on the menu this week.
 Coffee, without sugar! I feel this is a life event, obviously.
Eating: The boys' Halloween sweets. Sorry not sorry boys. 
 Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, several science textbooks, The Wizard of Oz (plus a whole host of picture books with the boys) & Little Women (as an iBook, which is taking forever)
Playing: Transformers, constantly. 
Drawing: Letters for Joshua to trace. Daniel's super independent right now and Joshua isn't a big fan of drawing. 
 Some motivation for the science assignment I need to write, plus the planning for it. 
Wearing: All the black, comfy jumpers and ankle boots. 
 At Christmas present ideas for the boys. Halloween's over, here comes the Christmas onslaught. 
 So much valuable sleep time. I keep waking in the early hours for one reason or another and struggling to get back to sleep! 
 All the adorable costumes gracing IG, freshly painted nails and a tidy bedroom. 
 My ironing pile magically disappears overnight & ends up hung up in wardrobes?! I can dream eh. 
 At Joshua's stubborn streak, and strength. Not a good combination. Kiddo's acting like Jekyl and Hyde, amusing absolute destruction one minute and super duper sweet the next! 
Teaching: The boys patience (& failing miserably 97% of the time). Joshua his alphabet & phonics. 



  1. It’s always so great reading your blogs, they always just put me in a great mood. And I kid you not, your regular updates on your menu, just helps me every time in deciding the menu in my home as well. and I just asked my sister to how to write a cover letter, so I think I have so much time in my hand to try and cook your today’s menu as well. Thank you for this.

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