Foraging for sloes. stone digging, berry wars.
Naps on Mama, hot coffee, brunch.
Puddle jumping, park trips, pretty leaves.
Wedding photos, stomach cramps, a good book.

Hooray for half term. This break is desperately needed. I have finally ordered wedding photos. And school photos. Joshua's on the tail end of a nasty cough that has been keeping us both up at night. Halloween decor is scattered around our living room, plus a ton of books. Trying to appreciate this busy season, as I am so thankful, but it sure is trying my patience. I have had a few spare minutes to browse Bloglovin' (though my app seems to be acting up, anyone else?) this weekend, so I thought I would share some of my favourites.

Katie wrote Stop with the Mom Guilt, which really resonated with me this week.
I love this idea, letting the boys loose on a giant canvas. Gathering an arsenal of things to keep us busy this week.
I am only a TINY bit jealous of Carrie. A weekend break to anywhere sounds amazing but Milan looks GORGEOUS!
We have been reading a lot lately and this book is on my wishlist. The boys would just love it and I love the concept behind it.
YouTube Filming Essentials by Suzie caught my eye, because obviously I need another hobby.
One of J's school targets is to learn him numbers and symbols, and this cute game is perfect for that.

Happy Weekend!

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