Daniel's Favourites. October 2015.

We are BIG on books in our house. I have read to the boys since they were newborns, and they are constantly bringing me books to curl on on my lap and listen to. I am an avid reader, and understand the importance of reading to children. It's such a big part of our everyday, it makes sense to incorporate it into our blog too. I thought it would be fun to explore books from another angle with Daniel, who is 5 and a half, by doing book reviews with him. I asked him to choose five of his favourite books, and tell me what he liked about each one. 
Daniel thinks: “I like it because it’s a finding book and I like finding things.”
Mama thinks: "Daniel can spend a long time independently searching for Wally and getting super excited when he does, perfect for when I need to get things done!"

A Squash and A Squeeze by Julia Donaldon, illustrated by Axel Scheffler
Daniel thinks: “I like it because the old man tells the old lady to take all the animals in and at the end she thinks her house is enormous. It is very funny!”
Mama thinks: "I have such a soft spot for Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, even I giggle my way through this story!"
Daniel thinks: “I like Spiderman because it’s got lots of stories in and it’s super cool.”
Mama thinks: "This is a graphic novel with lots of small writing, a little too tricky for Daniel to understand but he is often looking at the pictures."
Daniel thinks: “I like it because Norman finds a doughnut shell and it’s really funny!”
Mama thinks: "Both the boys love this story and think it's hilarious!"
Daniel thinks: “I like this dinosaur book because it has got puzzles in and it tells you the dinosaur names.”
Mama thinks: "I'm always a fan of the Usborne books, this one has a puzzle on every page showing where the dinosaurs lived, and a breakdown of the dinosaurs with their names, which is pretty interesting. The jigsaws are about 20 pieces, perfect for D to do by himself."

I have a post full of my favourites coming up next week. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. What books have YOU been reading this month?



  1. Oh we're always on the look out for brilliant new books for my daughter and these are brilliant suggestions! She LOVES dinosaurs - that's perfect! Mim x Thanks so much for linking up to #ParentingPicks

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