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The boys had a blast at Colin's work do - face paints, bouncy castles and fairground games. Plus I got to play with a baby. Win win.
We pet sat two guinea pigs for a friend, the boys were so so excited but the piggies didn't seem to reciprocate the love. Maybe they knew Joshua was sneaking their breakfast carrots...
Strawberry picking with Nanny and Grandad, finally crossing that off our Summer Bucket List (which, for the record, consisted of about eight things!)
My baby boy started nursery, and is absolutely loving it, thankfully.

I have had a stinking cold all week, just praying the boys don't get it too as it's horrid. Planning on spending the weekend relaxing, my parents have offered to take the boys tomorrow so I can get some rest, because they're amazing. Fingers crossed I manage to kick it ready for next week.


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