Joshua's First Day at Nursery.

Day one J
Please ignore the dirty shed, we have plans for a brand new patio area in the works....

We had had taster sessions. We had done the back to school shopping. We had our home visit. I had spent hours washing, ironing, and making sure name labels were on every piece of uniform. We had made sure everyone got early nights. We had rushed through breakfast and getting dressed.We had packed his bag with a change of clothes and a waterproof coat. But nothing could prepare me for sending my baby off to nursery. We found his peg, hung up his things and signed in. He was SO ready, so eager to rush off and play with all the new toys, with his friends. I lingered for a few moments, expressing my concern that I was half expecting him to turn back round, to protest. He gave me a huge hug and a kiss, told me he loved me all the way to Jupiter and before I knew it I was on my way to work, unsure how to feel. Surprisingly, somewhat, I didn't cry. Maybe I was more prepared than I thought...


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  1. Awe he looks so grown up Beth!! I love the pics of both boys, Daniel looks so proud x