Daniel's First Day of School.

Day one D

Year One. The year of spellings, junk modelling and maths homework. Daniel has been super excited to go back to school and see his friends, and wasn't at all phased by the start of a new year. Thankfully, his FS teacher has moved up with him, which I think eased the transition for both of us, as she's so wonderful. Our school are taking steps to help with the transition too, slowly starting more structured lessons rather than the free learning they are used to, incorporating lots of junk modelling as part of their DT projects (That's three of us now, with J at nursery and needing some for our science lectures! Basing our shopping on what comes in boxes!) We've been pretty good at remembering to read every day after school, I complete advocate the importance of reading and there isn't a day goes by without us sharing books together, but it's the routine of Daniel doing it that we struggle with. Perhaps we'll settle into a routine soon...


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