Joshua's Birthday Interview.

What's your name? Joshua. J-O-SH-U-A. 
How old are you? Four.
What makes you happy? When you are with me, and Daddy. 
What's your favourite animal? Otter. Salamander. 
What's your favourite food? Ummm... Melon! 
What's your favourite toy? Ummmm... My favourite toy is my new nerf gun. 
What's your favourite thing to watch on TV? Transformers.
What's your favourite book? Err... This book just ate my dog.
What's your favourite thing to do outside? Uh. Ride my scooter.
Who is your best friend? Luther and Olivia and Dexter and a lot of friends. There's a lot. Noah, Stanley, Sam and all the girls in our class. I like everybody really. 
What do you like to do with Daddy? Nothing really. That was just a joke. I like to go to the park with Daddy and play the gorilla game.
What do you like to do with Mummy?  Ride to school with you and snuggle to watch films. 

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