First Impressions.

Day One.

Day One. by bethxlove featuring oxford shoes

I started my placement yesterday. in a sweet little local school. I taught on my first day, completely winged a lesson on Vikings (History is NOT my strong point) which seemed to impress. Baptism of fire was mentioned, but the class were angels and had some brilliant ideas. Fingers crossed the whole five weeks is like this! The boys have been good for their Nanny, and it's hard being away from them but I haven't been staying late as there isn't much to do yet. I even managed to go to the cinema last night with Mum, to see Pitch Perfect 2 - highly recommended, we laughed a lot! I'm also doing the Whole 30 food challenge for the month of June, struggling a little today, the withdrawal headaches have started but I'm hoping the energy surge comes soon! :)


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