May Day Bank Holiday.



We have just had the most perfect weekend. Friday night was date night, in celebration of Colin's Birthday earlier this week. Dinner and a movie, Italian (my favourite!) and Fast and Furious 7 (fast cars - Colin's favourite!) Saturday started like any good Saturday should, with croissants and coffee, and included a trip to the dump - the spare room is finally cleared! Typical Bank Holiday shenanigans, tidying and sorting in comfy clothes. Sunday included a full English breakfast and hilarious conversations over coffee, a brief sunny spell and some football practice, dinner at the in-laws which meant I could squeeze in some assignment reading while the boys were occupied. Monday, a family trip to a local farm to feed the animals and play at the parks! I knew Joshua would love being up close to all the animals but my usually over-cautious Daniel surprised me, feeding lambs and goats out of the palm of his hand and stroking all the animals. It was so lovely to watch, I got some awesome videos too which I'll share soon!

Back to normality today though, looming deadlines and over-tiredness has me longing for a time-machine!


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