Life Lately.

My creation

A few more from our farm trip on Monday, plus a few from throughout the week. I didn't take a single picture Wednesday or Thursday - the boys' football training has been moved to 6pm which means a mad rush after school getting everybody fed, watered and out the door, and I had a long day at Uni, travelling by train followed by a softball game! I was out of my comfort zone playing right field but my team are so awesome, building me up when I made mistakes, plus we won! I also handed in my last assignment this week so you may have heard my huge sigh of relief! My housework has taken a nose dive while we've been rushing here there and everywhere, but that can wait. I'll be more organised next week, perhaps ;)




  1. Wow sounds like such a busy week. Yay for the last assignment . Fab photos :)
    Becky xx

  2. Yay to winning softball! Housework always takes a backseat in my world, best place for it! ;)