Ten on Ten. April 2015.

An unusually hot day, it seems we have missed jacket weather and gone straight from coats to t-shirts! We poured over our library haul instead of watching cartoons this morning, which was refreshing. I even snuck half an hour to read my own book, a textbook for uni but still. I'm in spring cleaning mode, utilising the time I have plus it's Daniel's party this weekend, so after I cleaned the oven and kitchen surfaces we went out the front to ride bikes. I'm trying to encourage Joshua on the big boy bike as he's doing so well with his balance bike but it's not as easy as I expected. Pedalling is hard. Grandad popped over & we had a play date with my friend Kelly and her daughter, we watched Toy Story 3 and played in the garden. Joshua skipped his nap and boy it showed, we were in tantrum city this afternoon. I started counting down till bedtime at around four o'clock. Two picnics in one day though. We spent most of our day outside, so hopefully we'll all sleep well tonight. I'm going to do some reading while I wait for Colin to get home & hopefully we'll get to watch a show. TGIF, right? 



  1. Lovely day! And it's so chilly here. Thanks for sharing your life!

  2. Looks like a lovely day, we're still snowy here in Halifax, NS so I appreciate the outside time! =)


  3. Just found your blog via the Ten on Ten link up (I just joined). I love all your pictures. And how cool you're in England! Read your About page and we have a lot in common.