Weekly Wishes.

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My current mantra. 
Another two week break. I won't promise that it won't happen again because it definitely will. My maths assignment was my main priority last week, this week it's all about presentations and poetry but it's not urgent so I'm catching up here first while I wait for some information. Just posted four 52 project posts, back on that bandwagon, hopefully. 

Last week's goals:

// Breakfast, every morning. Winning. 

// Two posts.  I do think it took me two weeks though...

// Finish my maths assignment. Ooosh. 

// Browse magazines for ideas and inspiration.  Done. 

This week:

// All the moisturiser.  Generally taking better care of my skin. 

// Stick to a posting schedule, particularly at the weekends. When I fall behind with the Life Lately post, then the 52 project, then this things get a little hairy. 

// Finish research study presentation and start to catch up with English reading. I'm waaay behind and with an assignment to start I'd better get cracking. 

// Invitations. For real. ASAP.

Also, inventing a time machine should be in there somewhere, but I'm not sure which category...

Wish me luck! Linking up with The Nectar Collective to share goals, support and motivate! 


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