"Me weed da wish wight naw?" (Me feed the fish right now?)

J requested to go home in the new pushchair & D wanted to help push. "Thank you Mummy. Thank you Daniel. Best day ever!" 

Before Daddy left one morning,
D: I'm going to miss you this much!
J: I'm going to miss you this much! 
D: I'm going to miss you to the moon!
J: I'm going to miss you to the seaside!

"Pull dis, please... You da best... You da best Daddy in da whole werld!" 

Playing with the fish cleaner. 
Me: You shouldn't be playing with that, let go. 
J: Look it's gone! 
Me: Well who's fault is that? 
J: Daddy. 
Me: Daddy isn't even here! 
J: Oh... Daniel. 😳

Joshua: Oh, I got logurt (yogurt) up my nose. I don't like it there... I don't want to eat dat now, it might have bogeys on. (Queue me reassuring him the rest will be fine and wiping his face) I don't want dis, dis logurt is too logurty and it's making a mess.

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