Embracing the Camera & Danielisms.

Daniel says...

We had profiteroles for desert, after explaining to Daniel what they were he replied "Nanny, actually I only eat doughnuts." 

D: "I have a chocolate flavour ice pop"
M: "That's not chocolate, that's cola" 
D: "But I can't say that word. I'll just say beer!" ☺️

D had a horrible barking cough that woke him up at 3am. I've gave him Calpol and some cold drink, asked if there's anything else he needs and he replied "Well, I don't really have any plans"! ☺️

Being helpful and taking the plates out after dinner, Nanny says he could work in a restaurant. D replies "I can't do that, restaurants are too hot!" 

"The goat ate Ryder's dog pod!" Pup pad, Paw Patrol

M: I'm going to bed too, I'm not feeling very well. Good night, I hope you have a good sleep.

D: I hope you have a really good sleep too, so you feel better in the morning ❤️

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