A Nature Walk.



We did a walk like this around this time last year, it's funny how that happens, I keep doing things and then they pop up in my Timehop a few days later! On the walk to Grandma's I let Daniel loose with my camera and set him off on a hunt to find signs of spring. His perspective always makes me smile, his four year old view of the world. He's getting much better at keeping his fingers off the lens too! Joshua did take a couple, the last one included, but most of them were of his fingers, bless. We spoke about being careful not to step on flowers, or pick them so everyone can enjoy them (daisies and dandelions not included!), about how plants grow and the possibility of starting our own little garden where we can plant our own. Exciting stuff, despite the fact I'm pretty sure I have a black thumb and have never liked the idea of gardening before!
We're excited to see more sings of spring, Daniel's been pointing them out left right and center, and for the weather to warm up a little. Come on sun!


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