Weekly Wishes [05]

Just a reminder, this week.

I'm pretty impressed with myself this week, especially as I've barely had time to think about my goals! I'm on the hunt for a smaller, paper-back diary I can carry round with me to encourage me to check my to do lists and improve my productivity. 

Last week's goals:

// Drink more. I'm trying to remember to have a fruit tea at work and a glass of water with meals so that's better!

// Take Project 52 photos. Yess! With my big camera too!

// Get creative with the boys. Pretending I'm always creative. 

// Read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It was hard going but I did it. & wrote 500 words on how the story was told. Boom. 

// Buy lingerie and schedule dress fitting.  Texting a lady tomorrow for the latter.

This week's goals:

// Two yoga workouts. I need to find some shorter ones, to make this more do-able. Any suggestions?!

// Ten on Ten. I've succumbed to the fact blogging is last on my (looong) priorities list right now, if it doesn't get drafted Monday it's unlikely to happen, but I just love this project and will make one Tuesday exception. 

// So. Much. Choice. Tick three more things off my to-do list. That'll do,

// Send the last few Save the Dates and practice calligraphy for invitations. 

Wish me luck! Linking up with The Nectar Collective to share goals, support and motivate! 


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  1. You sound like a well-oiled blogging, living, functioning machine of a woman! Keep it up lady!!! It also sounds like you're enjoying yourself as you work through your weekly goals. Calligraphy for the wedding invitations - sounds like a stressful, calming practice all rolled into one.

    I'm eager to learn what the "Uni" category is for - what does it mean? Fascinated!

    Best of everything this week!!!