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A lengthy life update tonight. Usually these posts are rushed, my brain is barely functioning to think back on what we've been up to and I've got 2438 things on my to do list. Not tonight. I'm relaxing on the sofa with my Mama, chocolate and pitch perfect. It's a strange old week, we're off school for half term and I have a whole load of work to do but I feel like I'm not rushing so much. Colin's away on his stag do which has me even more excited about the wedding, and has us staying at my parent's for a few days. Two extra pairs of hands and eyes to help with the boys takes a lot of the stress away! All the extra time with the boys is filling my love tank. I'm struggling a little with my smallest, he's pretty spirited but I'm trying. We've been on bike rides, played football, been swimming, bowling, read books, took naps and spent a lot of time playing superheroes!


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