Weekly Wishes [01]


As a New Year Resolution of sorts, I've decided to write myself Weekly Goals to try and keep myself on track. Last year's resolutions went well to start, but by the end of the year they had nearly all trailed off. I'm hoping this will keep me accountable, as I'll revisit the previous weeks' goals each Monday when I post new ones. Keeping them simple to start, as this week will be an adjustment back to early mornings, school runs, work and our 'usual' routines after the Christmas break.

// Exercise. 2 runs, 1 spin workout and 2 yoga workouts. This seems like a lot but I have managed four consecutive days so I'm feeling pretty positive. (Truthfully, I wrote this post last night so I'm hoping I get my butt into gear and go for a run after work tomorrow...)
// Track my calories with Lifesum. I demolished the last of the Quality Street last night so I could start fresh today and they wouldn't be there, tempting me. I have a decent 'allowance' but I know I could eat better, healthier. Nearly every day since I started I've been over, particularly on fat but now Christmas is truly over I feel this is a clean slate.

// Use my big camera twice. Shooting small with this one, as the light isn't brilliant. Feeling inspired by the 52 project though.
// Comment on at least 10 blogs. Sounds easy enough, I'm just a terrible comment-er!

// Q&A a Day with Colin. I bought this for Christmas last year and we've only ever looked at it three times. Fail.
// Three activities with the boys. I'm thinking one craft, one role play and one sensory. To Pinterest!

// Read "The Star of Kazan" for English. Taking it easy here, as I have an assignment due soon, 3000 words, eek.

Wish me luck! <3 a="" href="http://thenectarcollective.com/2015/01/weekly-wishes-83-goal-setting-linkup/" linking="" up="" with="">The Nectar Collective
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  1. I'm a pretty poor commenter too--boo! Supposedly comment sections are dead across the board, thanks to conversations happening on social media. So I guess we could own that, instead, right? Happy blogging!