Weekly Wishes [03]

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The past two weeks have been nothing short of manically crazy. The start of the indoor softball season, a ton of pressure from uni, a nasty cold virus topped off with being a Mama and housewife just got the best of me. I decided to let the blog take a backseat and focus on everything else, which was really strange actually. But for the best. Now my assignment is in, the house is still in a state of disarray and the boys are in bed, I can finally get down to some hardcore writing. 

First, last week's goals. Or two weeks. Despite having double the time I did NOT focus on these at all so this isn't looking good. 

// Drink 4 glasses of water a day. Oh. I definitely drank lots over the weekend to shift this cold... Yeah that totally doesn't count. Fail. 
// Softball practice & game, plus a run and a yoga workout. Half ain't bad. It's awful. 

// Comment on at least 10 blogs. Hands up, I didn't do this. I don't think I even commented on the blogs I was supposed to for the link-ups I took part in, bad blogger. I'm sorry guys. See the manic crazy explanation above!
// Interact more on IG.  I'll take this one as a win despite not doing a massive amount of commenting, or posting for that matter. 

// A doodle a day. Nope. 
// Three activities with the boys.   Painting, collage, football, a gruffalo hunt, superheroes, and setting up the play kitchen. Woop!

// Write 3000 words on the factors affecting learning. DONE! And it feels so good! 

This week's goals:

// Drink a litre of water a day, take my multivitamins and eat my five-a-day. I WILL shift this cold. 
// Two yoga workouts and a run. I don't have softball this week, but I'm choosing to continue to be optimistic about this exercising thing. 

// Post 5 times. Schedule as many as possible. 
// Tweet 3 times a day. Reply to 3 tweets a day. Tweet tweet. 

//  Read The Hunger Games. I'm giving myself a little light reading before starting Frankenstein. 
// Take an evening to myself and watch rubbish TV. Sometimes it's just needed, and Colin is busy most evenings. 

// Catch up with maths and science reading. This will be no mean feat but I figure I can do some while the boys play at the weekend if necessary. 

// Visit florists and suit hire shops, plus a wedding fayre on Sunday. A new section, because obviously I don't have enough to do. Haha. 

Wish me luck! Linking up with The Nectar Collective to share goals, support and motivate! 


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  1. Frankenstein is such an interesting read!

    Have so much fun working on your wedding! It will be stressful at times, but it can also be so wonderful. (I work in the industry.)