Wedding planning. Flowers.

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It's really sinking in that we get married this year. 8 months! 215 days!! There will be a lot more wedding updates this year, as I get stuck in to the planning. The next job on my wedding, 'to-do list' is research florists. Browsing Pinterest I have a fairly good idea of what I'd like; cream and pink as per the theme, roses and baby's breath for sure and a little green because I love the way that looks. I have a ridiculously large stash of glass jars too so this seems like the perfect opportunity to actually use them! Colin's Mum has graciously offered to make the table centerpieces, so that's one thing ticked off. I'd quite like a silk bouquet, one I can keep, so I'm looking into that too. My Mum and I are going to go on a flower arranging course at the local college, specifically wedding accessories, which will be fun. Looking on YouTube and Pinterest, buttonholes and bouquets actually don't seem that difficult to make. I have a friend who did the flowers for her friends' wedding and she's offered her help too, which is lovely. I'm still going to call and visit a few actual florists though, just to get an idea of things. Doing things on a budget means doing as much as I can myself, but I'm just worried about taking on too much and not having enough time. I'm really excited to get started, apart from the dresses everything else has almost fallen into our laps so I'm totally eager to really get the ball rolling! It makes it seem so real, that in just a few short months I'll be walking down the aisle, saying 'I do' and becoming Mrs Sawford! 



  1. How exciting! Love the colour tones you are picking!

  2. Oh, this is exciting. I love a good wedding. Those last 8 months will go by so quickly. Your flowers are going to look gorgeous. The colour scheme is beautiful. Thanks for linking up with #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx