Life Lately.

I’ve done a little spring cleaning on this little piece of internet. A new picture to the right, some decluttering, and I am now SELF HOSTED. WOOHOO. I’m still working out a few nicks but it seems to be working okay! This seems like a super huge deal for me, especially after the overhaul last year and the attempt at a URL change that failed miserably, I now have a relevant URL! Eeek!


A round-up of photos, the last of 2014. Pre, during and post the Christmas festivities, which we are every nearly recovered from. Starting with an amazing Pantomime, takeaway (it’s like the law not to cook on Christmas Eve, right?) and new pyjamas. We managed to fit in seeing all 28428 members of my family, open all 482991 presents and eat probably more than our own body weight in food. New Years Day we had a roast for lunch at my Uncles, and even without eating dinner I was over my calories for the day! I didn’t take many photos over Christmas because I was videoing instead, and now I seem to be out of the habit – I’ve hardly taken any the last few days! Though, tiding decluttering and organising don’t really make for brilliant photographs…

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  1. wahooo Bee!!
    I did the same thing last year.
    Scary stuff, but so exciting.