Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015.

 [Yes, there are two March's instead of a March and an April. Oops.]

I think I am almost in denial about the year ending, it all seems so surreal. It was only reading through my Bloglovin' feed and seeing everyone's reviews and resolutions that prompted me to write this post at all. 2014 has been a great year for our little family, and I have no doubts that 2015 is going to be equally as brilliant (& of course more organised, healthier and all those other things!)

Highlights of 2014 included:
Celebra ting Daniel's 4th Birthday with a Cars Party
Celebrating my Mama's 50th Birthday
Running a 5k
Celebrating Joshua's 2nd Birthday with a Construction Party
Dinovember took hold of our house, and the boys' imaginations.
A super sweet Christmas with family.

Most of my posts in the last year were 365 updates, "Currently..." posts, amateur fashion/style/outfit posts, "Life Lately" or iPhone updates. I also shared the year through Ten on Ten posts, which I hope to do again next year. I'm still hunting for my blogging 'niche' but I imagine next year will be much of the same. I really enjoyed vlogging through December, so I plan to vlog once a month this year. I also plan on doing a 52 project, portraits of the boys every week, and a family portrait once a month. I'd like to start a link-up, to grow this little old blog and communicate more with other bloggers. 
Obviously the most exciting prospect for 2015 is the fact that WE ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR! So that will obviously be a big part of our lives, and reflected here no doubt. Along with our daily lives, my photography experimentation and anything else that takes my fancy really. 
If there's anything you would particularly like to see more of, or at all, or if you'd like to share which kind of posts you enjoy reading the most here at the Circus, any input would be greatly appreciated! All my social media buttons are on the sidebar, though I am most active on Twitter and Instagram, if you'd like to get in touch, or of course leave a comment!  



  1. Popping over from #sundaystars and adding you to my reader! All the best for 2015!

  2. Lovely photos. It's great looking back over the year in pictures

  3. What a fabulous year, looks like you all had some amazing moments. Sounds like 2015 will only get better with your wedding, how exciting

  4. I love all your pictures and it looks like you had a really fun year. Great post and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

  5. Congratulations for all your 2014 achievements ... with a wedding sounds like you’ve got a huge 2015 ahead! What a wonderful thing getting married is. Here’s to a very happy New Year. #SundayStars

  6. Lovely photos - what a great way to reflect on your year. I love weddings and wedding planning. Have added you to my bloglovin feed in the hope that you post some wedding stuff :) I so miss that part of my life x

  7. Utterly beautiful photos. I've just added you on Instagram and Bloglovin. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  8. Love the photos! I like to do picture posts too to keep up with life, but I always get behind with them! So exciting that you're getting married, congrats, can't wait to read all about the prep and the big day! My friend designs invitations if you're interested! Hee hee xx Julia #sundaystars

  9. i said it in my last comment but i just love your photos! been loving reading your blog! #sundaystars

  10. Wow, such a beautiful collection of photos from your year :)

  11. A beautiful post - your photos are always so lovely :) Hurrah for getting married this year!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  12. What a great way to look at the year!! I was taken a bit by surprise by the end of the year too - it seems like yesterday I was making last years' resolutions! So exciting that you're getting married this year :)

    Thanks for linking and Happy New Year! #TheList xxx

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