A portrait and some quotes this week, these boys do know how to put a smile on my face. Interestingly, these photos aren't a true representation of my guys' usual personalities, Daniel is usually the quiet, focused one and Joshua is usually playing the fool, it's fun to see their quirks in pictures. 

Joshua, concentrating on his colouring.
An iPhone picture, snapped at lunch.

Playing with the fish cleaner. 
Me: "You shouldn't be playing with that, let go." 
J: Look it's gone! 
Me: Well who's fault is that? 
J: Daddy. 
Me: Daddy isn't even here! 
J: Oh. Daniel.

Wanting Daddy to pull the trigger for his Buzz gun, which we usually only do once or twice before refusing again. "Pull dis, please... You da best... You da best Daddy in da whole werld!" 

Daniel, playing the clown.
A little too grainy, but the weather wasn't bright enough today for a decent shot.

Being helpful and taking the plates out after dinner, Nanny says he could work in a restaurant. D replies "I can't do that, restaurants are too hot!" 

"The goat ate Ryder's dog pod!" An interesting nickname for the Pup pad, watching Paw Patrol. 

M: I'm going to bed too, I'm not feeling very well. Good night, I hope you have a good sleep.
D: I hope you have a really good sleep too, so you feel better in the morning ❤️

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