Dancing to Christmas music. We are SO in the Christmas spirit here, doing crafts and activities left right and center. My Mama had the boys for me yesterday afternoon while I was at a planning meeting and she even did Christmas activity books with them, and took pictures! She's the best.

Cooking a lot of Mexican. Mostly for myself, the boys aren't in to all that spice, but I always have mince in the fridge which I can whip into tacos/chilli on a jacket potato/burrito bowls for an easy quick dinner. Also on the menu plan is toad in the hole, meatball pasta bake and chicken tikka masala. 

Losing sleep. It's 10:30 already and I've just started to upload a vlog to YouTube, so I'll have to wait for that to finish before I even get to bed, then I'll take a little while to wind down especially after using my laptop. 

Clearing out my office. I managed the drawers tonight before I forced myself to do some reading and organising of my folders. It's just full of gifts and books and wrapping and boxes, it's driving me nuts. The spare room is running out of space too, I'm really hoping to turn that into a craft/storage space but even that entails moving all of Joshua's stuff into their room first. Urgh.

Making salt dough decorations with the boys this afternoon. I couldn't believe how independently they both did it, my baby was cutting shapes with cookies cutters like a boss. I pretty much had to hold back the tears. 

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