Christmas Traditions.

I am having so much fun with Christmas this year. Both boys are really 'getting it' this year, and not just because they want every toy under the sun. In fact, they've each asked for three things and haven't really wavered from what they wrote to Father Christmas for, which is pretty great (for my bank balance) We already have SO many toys, we're really trying not to go over the top this year. We're going with a Marvel theme, as the boys are obsessed with superheroes, and the popular 'something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read' idea.

I wrote up an advent list this year, and put an activity in each drawer for each day. I was a little ambitious with that, some days we've done three of them and some days we've done zero, but it's kept us all entertained. I've started using the hashtag #beescircusadvent if you'd like to see what we're up to on IG. Writing Christmas cards, baking cookies, Christmas colouring and festive films have all been on the list!

We always put the tree up as a family, even though in my parents' house my brother always sat and watched while glued to a screen, and Colin seems to have taken that role in our house. I went for a simple, gold theme this year, though I am lusting after a white tree with multicoloured baubles! There is tinsel everywhere, but a surprisingly small amount of glitter!

We made salt dough ornaments this year, the first without handprints but they were just getting ridiculously large! I let the boys go to town decorating them with paint and glitter, though kept them on baking trays lined with foil and the mess was pretty minimal!! Win.

This year was the first year we took the boys to see Father Christmas, we saw him last year at school fetes and toddler parties but at the weekend we took them to a local garden centre with a whole winter wonderland set up, it was adorable and definitely added to the magic! We saw a panto the next day with Daniel and there was a Father Christmas there, D immediately noted he 'wasn't the real one, because he wasn't wearing glasses' so I busted out the 'he needs some helpers' approach and he didn't seem phased. He's too clever sometimes.

I like to get the boys an ornament for the tree every year, I love the idea of personalised ones but haven't been organised enough yet. I want to let them choose their own this year, maybe another trip to a garden centre is in order!

That's a pretty long list, though I guess it just goes to show how much I love Christmas! We do a book advent too (though, mostly with books we already own, it doesn't dull the excitement at all!) and new pyjamas for December and Christmas Eve (bought in the January sales at the beginning of the year!). My Nan has paid for us to go to a pantomime on Christmas Eve too, hopefully that will become a tradition, I love a panto!

What are your Christmas/holiday traditions?!


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