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Our week started off slow with an INSET day, when we refused to get out of our pyjamas. School started, and Colin had the week off as my parents were away. Joshua has been my cuddle bug recently, always wanting 'up', I'm treasuring these sweet moments, even if dinner does get  little burnt. My darling Godson turned ONE, I cannot believe that little light has been in our lives for a whole year. We celebrated at his birthday party on Saturday, after golf, where Joshua made friends with the sweetest baby, Archie. Despite a long day and no naps both boys were so well behaved, I was so proud. They did brilliantly at football too, and Daddy treated us to pizza! A slow week, it's amazing how much just a week off throws our routine. 

Not pictured, the boys got bunk beds and Colin got his Joshua tattoo. Both exciting events, and the latter has left me with a longing for some new ink. 


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