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So, turns out this is a mid-week type of post rather than weekend these days. Posting one picture for Sunday Edition is about as much effort as I can muster on a Sunday evening, and Friday and Saturday are official date/relax nights so blogging then might result in a pillow fight or something. Another side note, I'm having html problemz forever and the TWTWC button won't work for me, but as always I'm linking up with Hannah at Make, Do and Push, if I actually remember...

Highlights of last week include:
- Half term, woohoo. ALL. THE. FUN. THINGS. Including cartoons in bed, fancy breakfasts and five minutes to drink a hot cup of coffee to start the day. And nap times, glorious nap times. 
- Having the epiphany to put salted caramel sauce on apple pie, and the heavens opening. 
- Halloween, obvs. 
- Buying Joshua's first proper golf club, he was pleased as punch. 
- Fireworks and sparklers at a friends', the boys faces just lit up and it was ridiculously cute. 


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