Donkeys and ponies and alpacas, oh my!


The boys have a new hobby - horseriding! My Mother-In-Law's friend owns this little pony called Katie and a big dark horse called Tom, and she has been kind enough to let us go and visit. The stables are just across town and she has a really lovely set up for them - huge grass fields with alpacas and donkeys too. These pictures were taken the first time the boys rode Katie, or any horse at all and they both just loved it. The last time we went they were both a little wary but they were tired and Katie was in a mischievous mood, and to give them their due they both rode her anyway! That little riding hat just kills me, and their posture on the saddle! Hopefully it's something we can keep up because it's just such an awesome, alternative activity, to get them used to being around animals too! I'm probably more excited than they are but when we go they can't stop talking about it for days!


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