Toucan Box Review. Craft boxes for children.


Browsing Facebook an advert popped up for Toucan Box, a craft box subscription for children. Age-appropriate, fun activities delivered to your door, what's not to love?! Mum Virginie started the company while raising her two inquisitive girls, and this fact makes me love it even more. 
I have always been interested in subscription boxes but have never actually ordered any, worried that I wouldn't like what there was inside. With Toucan box I didn't see this as being a problem, and with 50% it was worth it just for a paintbrush really! I'm always looking for new ideas to try with the boys and this seemed so perfect. 
I signed up for a Petite box, and filled in some details about my boys. A few days later this box arrived, Daniel was so excited to see his name on it, that really made us both smile. The boxes come with two activities, with one of them being a big, main one and the other a little extra, and everything you will need. This box contained the supplies for a pirate treasure map and a parrot puppet - tea bag, stickers, template, feathers, glue, mini felt pens, everything, I was really impressed. 
Daniel and Joshua got so into it, dressing up as pirates while we waited for the tea to cool, and speaking in pirate voices, the idea carried on into the whole afternoon! The crafts are designed for minimal adult help but because my boys are quite young I did help them quite a lot, explaining what to do and demonstrating, but they didn't mind at all. They had so much fun, creating and pretending, I would definitely recommend these boxes to other Mama's looking for rainy day afternoon crafts. I haven't been compensated in any way for this post, I just really do love these products!!


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