Plaid & pleather. Currently...

Plaid & pleather. Currently...

Anticipating a relaxed, quiet half term holiday. We have no. plans. & I'm pretty excited about that. We're going to go Halloween crazy, in our pyjamas, and soak up the time together. 

Contributing absolutely nothing. It's not even 8pm & I'm curled up in bed, in my pyjamas with grand plans for an early night. Woohoo. 

Discussing my roles as a Teaching Assistant, evolution & biology, and our favourite dinners. I let Daniel decide the meal plan for next week, so he has chosen all his favourites, most of them new favourites, I'm so proud of him for being so open to try new things all of a sudden! 

Listening to Buzzfeed's I'm an Emo Kid playlist, all of my favourites from my teenage years, brilliant. 

Deciding nothing. Joshua was up at 5:30 & Daniel had nightmares too so my brain is barely functioning right now. 

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  1. Mmmm. I love the outfit.
    I had a pair of tights like that a few years ago - and wore them out until they were see-through.
    I miss them. Glad you are getting some much needed R&R.

  2. BuzzFeed has playlists?! Oh man, I'm going to have to check that Emo Kid list out!

  3. Halloween crazy in pyjamas sounds about right. Enjoy your half term.