Our Week.

My creation

 Peach cream pie. Notes on Science and English textbooks. Lists, always. 
 Chicken pitta pockets. Gammon, egg and chips. Carrot soup. 
Eating: Nothing right now, surprisingly. Being so busy in the evenings has almost curbed my rubbish evening snacking habits, woohoo. 
 The children's novel Skellig. All the picture books. Daniel's reading book, every day. A bunch of poetry books. I'm reading more now than I have in a long time, and I'm loving it. 
Playing: Football. Trains. Monkey Around. Superheroes. Diggers. All the games. 
Drawing: up a plan of action for all aspects of my life, from housework to blogging to studying. 
 A fur rug, a huge bookshelf and a waste paper bin for the office. I bought a chair yesterday in IKEA and it's got me dreaming. 
Wearing: Stripes, jumpers, scarves, plaid & ankle boots. Hello fall. I'm playing along with a few style challenges on IG too which is fun. 
 forward to another day off tomorrow! We have an INSET day at school, so we're going to chill out, pop to the library and do some baking. Fingers crossed for a lie in too, I can dream. 
 less time mindlessly watching television. Colin and I have just started watching Suits (which is really good!) but with all the other jobs I have to do I'm not watching much else.  
 Spending more quality time with the boys, doing activities and 'learning' with D. 
 Experimenting with mixing patterns. Taking a little time for myself and not feeling guilty.  Getting creative with food. Twitter, despite a hiatus for a few weeks. 
Salted caramel coffee syrup. Looking through old photos, even just a few weeks old. Curling up on the sofa with C to watch a show. Making memories. 
 I will pick up my camera more this week. I always say I will, but it has been gathering dust for the last couple of weeks and I feel pretty bad about it. 
 at how stubborn my youngest is, I have never realised quite how stubborn I am either until now. Face offs over bedtimes are still happening on a daily basis. Someone promise me it will get better soon, or send me boxes of wine. 
Teaching: myself patience, Joshua good choices and Daniel how to hold a pen and form letters 'correctly'. Cursive is such a faff. 


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