Five Things Friday

01. Fridays are our favourite. They always involve pizza, a film (Lion King today, Joshua's choice, if you couldn't tell) & ignoring our responsibilities. The one afternoon I give myself to sit on the sofa and do nothing. No guilt. It takes the edge off the go-go-go lifestyle, y'know.

02. We're going on a date tonight. To an American-style Smokehouse, with the best ever skin-on chips (I need to master those myself). With my entire softball team. Which, if you ask me, still counts as a date night. A child free dinner that I don't have to cook, with good company? Total win.

03. I actually managed a 10 on 10 today, with my real camera! Woohoo! 

04. Autumn is officially here. The leaves are falling, conkers are everywhere and temperatures have dropped. I'm in my house, wearing tights, fluffy socks, a jumper and a scarf & I'm still chilly. I'm holding out for a little longer before putting the heating on though. 

05. Joshua's mega grumpy tonight. He has been screaming for 30 minutes about reading The Little Mermaid, though he should be sleeping & is clearly shattered. He had been doing so well at falling asleep by himself too. Womp womp. Fingers crossed the sudden silence is golden...


1 comment:

  1. Those chips sound so good!
    I've had to put the heating on this week - I would rather wait until December, haha, but it was just too cold!

    Tess xx