Catch the Moment. Week Forty-Three.

295. Scooting through the leaves, upon request, giggling and squealing. 

296. The boys slept clutching these light up Halloween decorations, so blurry but so sweet.

297. Film Friday & fruit salad. 

298. Love everything about this, from his eyelashes to his sneakers, so much sweetness.

299. Serious belly laughs, this boy is so ticklish. 

300. Grandad is the funniest. 

301. Glow stick disco bath!! 



Life Lately.

My creation

- Cookies. We made wit&whistle's best ever recipe and though they were a little thick for me, they went down pretty well. In hindsight, I probably overdid the substitute raising agent haha.
- Everywhere you turn it looks like fall. Yellow leaves, orange pumpkins, boots and scarves. 
- Our selfie game has been on point this week. 
- Decorating for Halloween, which Daniel also calls 'Spooky Day'. Adorable.
- Turning up an hour early to football after the time change, and not realising until I called my Mama. Not exactly a highlight for me but everyone else seems to find it pretty entertaining. 



Plaid & pleather. Currently...

Plaid & pleather. Currently...

Anticipating a relaxed, quiet half term holiday. We have no. plans. & I'm pretty excited about that. We're going to go Halloween crazy, in our pyjamas, and soak up the time together. 

Contributing absolutely nothing. It's not even 8pm & I'm curled up in bed, in my pyjamas with grand plans for an early night. Woohoo. 

Discussing my roles as a Teaching Assistant, evolution & biology, and our favourite dinners. I let Daniel decide the meal plan for next week, so he has chosen all his favourites, most of them new favourites, I'm so proud of him for being so open to try new things all of a sudden! 

Listening to Buzzfeed's I'm an Emo Kid playlist, all of my favourites from my teenage years, brilliant. 

Deciding nothing. Joshua was up at 5:30 & Daniel had nightmares too so my brain is barely functioning right now. 

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Catch The Moment 365. Weeks 41/42.

281. My new 'home office', although a little chilly I'm pretty happy about spending so much time here.

282. Doodles and photography, the 'light' work.

283. Watching The Lion King with my little cubs.

284. We got to go and visit a friend's stables and the boys got to ride on a pony! J was SO excited!

285. Helping Grandma with her puzzles.

286. Think pink, 

287. Game Night. Joshua beat us all at bingo, twice!

288. My little fox has been under the weather, a night in Mama's bed was good for both of our hearts.

289. Books with my babe.

290. Avengers Assemble and microwave popcorn, perfection.

291. How sweet is this little golfer?

292. He sent me inside because he wanted to play by himself, and got quite cross when he found me peeking!

293. Number work with my biggest.

294. A very blurry but very sweet capture of these brothers, as we rushed to school this morning.

Nurse Loves Farmer



Life lately.

My creation

The days are long, but the weeks are short. I treasure this little weekly update, as it gives me a chance to look back and be thankful for the little things, things that are usually forgotten amidst the organisation and stress of the everyday. 

Highlights reel.

Game night. One night a week we have dinner early so we can play a game altogether. This week was Old McDonald Bingo and Joshua pretty much whooped us all. 

A French fishtail half-crown type. Experimenting with my hair has become my new hobby. 

Baking cookies with my biggest. Teaching him about weighing and mixing, and rating them out of ten. And eating the fruits of our labour of course, over letters. 

Finding time to fit a little learning into our day. Reading books, drawing, writing, counting, for us all. 



Our Fall Bucket List.

Drink apple cider.
Carve pumpkins.
Leaf printing. 
Drink a pumpkin spice latte. 
Snuggle by the fire. 
Watch Hocus Pocus. 
Wear dark nail polish. 
Splash in puddles. 
Drink mulled wine. 
Make dinner in the slow cooker.
Decorate the porch.
Leaf pile photo shoot.
Nature walk.
Bake cookies.
Make soup.
Trick or treat.
Hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows. 
Make caramel apples. 
Harry Potter Movie Marathon.
Bike rides.
Bake apple pie.
Host a chilli night.
Carve pumpkins. 
Decorate Halloween biscuits. 


Toucan Box Review. Craft boxes for children.


Browsing Facebook an advert popped up for Toucan Box, a craft box subscription for children. Age-appropriate, fun activities delivered to your door, what's not to love?! Mum Virginie started the company while raising her two inquisitive girls, and this fact makes me love it even more. 
I have always been interested in subscription boxes but have never actually ordered any, worried that I wouldn't like what there was inside. With Toucan box I didn't see this as being a problem, and with 50% it was worth it just for a paintbrush really! I'm always looking for new ideas to try with the boys and this seemed so perfect. 
I signed up for a Petite box, and filled in some details about my boys. A few days later this box arrived, Daniel was so excited to see his name on it, that really made us both smile. The boxes come with two activities, with one of them being a big, main one and the other a little extra, and everything you will need. This box contained the supplies for a pirate treasure map and a parrot puppet - tea bag, stickers, template, feathers, glue, mini felt pens, everything, I was really impressed. 
Daniel and Joshua got so into it, dressing up as pirates while we waited for the tea to cool, and speaking in pirate voices, the idea carried on into the whole afternoon! The crafts are designed for minimal adult help but because my boys are quite young I did help them quite a lot, explaining what to do and demonstrating, but they didn't mind at all. They had so much fun, creating and pretending, I would definitely recommend these boxes to other Mama's looking for rainy day afternoon crafts. I haven't been compensated in any way for this post, I just really do love these products!!



Our Week.


We started on our Fall Bucket List this week, I'm using the hashtag #beesfallbucketlist on Instagram to keep all our fun in one place. I'll post our list here if anyone's looking for any ideas too. The weather is truly autumnal & although I dislike the cold and wet I pretty much love everything else about fall. Plaid, cosy socks, beautiful leaves, blankets, hot chocolates, & hot dinners being just a few. 

We've been stuck inside quite a lot so we've been doing lots of crafts, drawing and baking. I'm feel like I'm always trying to get organised and sort out our schedules but I'm re-jigging again. The dark mornings aren't helping but I'm trying to set my alarm for 6:30 so I can fit in a workout or a few housework jobs before we leave for school, so we have more time in the afternoon for fun. 

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Catch The Moment 365. Week 38/39/40.

260. Have you ever seen anyone so excited about cleaning their teeth, ever? The Spider-Man toothbrushes were my best buy, ever. 

261. Homemade tomato soup & grilled cheese, surprisingly went down well! 

262. Sleepy fox. 

263. His golf lesson is becoming a weekly thing. I guess I should learn the rules. 

264. My little architect has become so into his building, it's incredibly sweet to watch.

265. BOTH my boys off to school. I don't know how this has happened. 

266. Notes on teaching science in primary schools, taking up so many of my evenings. 

267. Ice lollies in the bath, genius. & Joshua's face definitely makes up for Daniel's here.

268. A child-free after-uni errand run, including coffee, winning. 

270. Sweet treats for Film Friday. 

271. Playing superheroes at my Uncle's wedding. 

272. Little adventurer, we can't walk anywhere without picking up sticks/conkers/pinecones. Typical.

273. I cannot get enough of him in his preschool uniform, and he seems pretty happy with it too.

274. Playdough, a rolling pin and some cutters and Joshua's the happiest boy on the block. 

275. My little fox has been struggling with pre-school drop off. I think it's a mix of separation anxiety and the fact I've been working more, but when he asked to go in the sling when I couldn't pick him up during the morning school run rush, I was more than happy to oblige. 

276. My darling little godson is going to be one next month. Seriously, time? 

277. Sleeping babes are one of my favourite things to photograph, if you couldn't already tell. 

278. Sunny scrambled eggs.

279. Even pirates need their chocolate hoops!

280. Fall finger painting.

281. The best of a bad bunch.

I really considered throwing in the towel on this project, life has just taken over the last few weeks and I haven't even picked up my camera. I debated about it, weighing the time it would take to find and edit the pictures, some of which I would have to search for through thousands of files on my computer, over the fact I was so close to finishing a project I had been wanting to do for so long. I'm glad I sucked it up, photography is something that I LOVE & I don't want to lose that excitement. So, three weeks of photos, and hopefully I'll be back on the ball next week!

Nurse Loves Farmer