Our Week.


Another crazy week, over. Time is flying, with everything I'm trying to juggle (& even the things I'm forgetting - tonight I spent two hours sorting washing and putting clothes away!!) Everything's always go go go, and I'm barely having time to stop and think! I am quite enjoying it though, I much prefer being busy. Lists are my one true love, I have notebook upon notebook full of them to keep me on track, with meal plans, to-do lists, housework rotas, and post-it's are fast becoming my sidekicks. 

This past weekend was eventful. We went to the boys' golf lesson on Saturday morning, they are both improving and it is just so sweet to watch them! We then travelled to Brighton in the afternoon to celebrate my Uncle's wedding, and catch up with family. Sunday morning I had to call an ambulance for Colin because he had been up all night, after a four hour hospital visit it was decided he had gastroenteritis! We headed home and I packed a bag for me and the boys, we stayed at my parents' to avoid catching it too. He seems better now, thankfully, so we're all home again. I have spent all afternoon catching up with washing, four loads later and the wash bin is still overflowing! How does that even happen?! 


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  1. I have had the same load in my machine for 2 nights now... I'm going to have to rewash it for a 2nd time tomorrow and set some sort of alarm to make me put it in the dryer... And I have nowhere near as much going on as you! :-) I don't know how you do it!