Our Week.

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Today has been super productive, alongside lazy Sundays these are my favourite days. I blitzed the house - tidied, hoovered, dusted, three loads of laundry, & Colin sorted bits in the garden, I just feel content now everything is in it's place. The boys had their first football session since before summer & did great, they both really surprised me with now well they did and Joshua's moving up to the next class! We went shopping for donuts & a new notebook (stationary just makes me happy, particularly when it's pink AND has dividers AND is going to be used for writing abut books!) Colin and Daniel played football in the garden while Joshua and I took glorious naps, and afterwards D said "Thank you Daddy. I liked playing with you" #heartmelt. I read half of the children's novel Sky Hawk, as homework, sitting in the garden while the boys played. & I just had a wonderfully hot bubble bath, listening to country music. Absolute perfection. Days like this make me excited for the next week, and have me making lists so we can have this much fun and be this organised all the time. A girl can dream, right?! 



  1. Productive days are amazing, when you sit down and everything is clean and tidy it feels so good! I am looking forward to my son being old enough to play football with his daddy. #TWTWC

  2. What a lovely day :) Where is your heart necklace from? It's gorgeous!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx